NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- The mother of William Chapman, who was shot and killed by former Portsmouth police officer Stephen Rankin, speaks out ahead Rankin's sentencing.

“I hate the ground that you walk on. You took my son's life and now your life is over. I don't want nobody to show him no mercy, none,” says Sally Chapman about Rankin.

Especially the judge, she says, who will sentence Rankin on Wednesday for fatally shooting her 18-year-old son William Chapman in April of 2015. Last month, a jury recommended he serve two and a half years for voluntary manslaughter, but if the judge agrees his attorneys say they will appeal and want Rankin free on bond while that happens.

“No, your time is up,” Chapman says. “To see him be put in handcuffs yeah because you handcuffed my son when he was already dead on the ground. So now you get to feel the same thing that you did for him.”

Rankin testified that during his encounter with Chapman, who was suspected of shoplifting from Walmart, he feared for his life and followed the department's use-of-force policy.

“They just want to just keep acting like oh well he done it. He was a cop. He did his job. No you didn't because there's a lot of things you could have done. You sat up on that stand and said you could have but didn't because you didn't want to,” Chapman says.

“This is not a local issue. It's a national issue,” says Marion Gray-Hopkins with Coalition of Concerned Mothers.

It’s also brought together mother's from across the nation to support Chapman and share how their children were also fatally shot.

“This mother has lost three children, three,” says Gina Best whose daughter India Kager died during an officer-involved shooting in Virginia Beach.

The pain of losing a loved one to gun violence they says is as unrelenting as their Coalition of Concerned Mothers.

“We will stand united together until justice is served in all of these cases. Every case matters,” Gray-Hopkins says.

Even though they say not every police officer is to blame for the actions of a few.

“We are not anti-police,” she says. “We are anti police brutality.”

Rankin's sentencing begins at 9 am on Wednesday.