NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Roads are still a mess all across Hampton Roads, including in Newport News and Hampton.

Many people are having a lot of trouble just getting out their neighborhoods.

Crews have been working for a few days now treating main roads on the peninsula.

For example, roads like Jefferson avenue in Newport News and Mercury Boulevard in Hampton.

But ice still covers many of the side streets and secondary roads.

Arthur Vandiver lives off of Jefferson avenue in Newport News.

On Monday, he needed a little help to get out his driveway.

“I got stuck in the road and my neighbor had to pull me out,” Vandiver says.

In Hampton, Mercury Boulevard saw a steady flow of traffic, but on streets like Roanoke avenue, not so much.

Darrick Sagona-Hansen works at Direct Auto Insurance.

He spent parts of Monday morning laying down salt and sand for his customers.

But even he had some issues getting to work this morning.

“I know where I live at I had to get AAA to get me out,” Sagona-Hansen says. “It took me about two hours before I got here.”

Crews are spending the next several days plowing what they call connector roads, those major roads leading into neighborhoods.