Cara Detwiler knew what was coming long before giving birth to her daughter Emma last November.

Doctors had diagnosed the girl with a rare congenital condition called “pulmonary atresia with an intact ventricular septum.”

It kept her heart from pumping blood to her lungs.

Emma needed to go on life support the moment she was born.

She also needed a heart.

Doctors never really knew exactly how long she would live, but Emma kept fighting.

So did those around her.

The community organized fundraisers centered around a Facebook page called “Team Emma Strong” as her parents and older brother Liam stood by her side around the clock.

The toughest time came at Christmas, when Emma was septic and taken off the donor list.

She soon recovered and went back on.

Valentine’s Day might have come in second, with her family posting the day would be tough.

Then came news on Sunday night that a heart was available.

On Monday, Emma underwent a 10-hour transplant surgery.

Her family says they hope they are now over the biggest hurdle, calling Emma a miracle.

To learn more about Emma’s story and how you can help, click here to visit her webpage.