VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- The bald eagle that was hit by a car last week in Virginia Beach died of his injuries on Saturday.

HK was hit on South Independence Blvd. right at the entrance of the Honey Bee Golf Course where he was nesting.

The driver who hit him called Animal Control following the incident.

HK was being treated at the Wildlife Center of Virginia, and underwent surgery on September 5 for a fractured right leg.

The bird, also known as #17-2257, was not making any improvements despite warm compresses, salt bath soaks, physical therapy, and laser therapy.

According to the Wildlife Center, HK's condition deteriorated so much over the past few days he had to be taken into surgery Saturday afternoon. The procedure, fasciotomy, was to release tension and pressure in the right leg.

Sadly, he died under anesthesia. Doctors attempted CPR for several minutes, but HK could not be revived.

Veterinarians are expected to do a necropsy on Sunday or Monday to see if they can determine more about HK's injuries.