VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A Halloween Trunk or Treat event has special meaning this year in Virginia Beach’s Windsor Woods neighborhood, which was hit hard by flooding from Hurricane Matthew.

“I love it here. It's so amazing,” says Brynn Knakal about Monday's Trunk or Treat event at Princess Anne Plaza Baptist Church where “there's everything.”

Or at least everything needed for a successful Trunk or Treat event, which this year the kids from Windsor Woods like 9-year-old Knakal say they know is especially needed.

“Most of the neighborhood got flooded and most people's house got flooded inside. So then you can just come here and have all the fun you want,” she says.

Even if you're maybe not wearing the costume you want like Windsor Woods resident Patrick Jenkins.

“I think this is from a video game called Assassin's Creed,” he says about his costume. “It matched what my daughter had so that was bottom line for me. That we all went together as a family and all went out again.”

To continue the Jenkins’ family tradition of wearing matching Halloween costumes, which this year wasn't easy.

“Since daddy couldn't really make anything since his workshop got flooded,” says his 9 year-old daughter, Isabel Jenkins.

However, tonight the flood of support continues with free hayrides, face painting and prizes.

“It really brings home that we have a community around us that cares about us," Patrick Jenkins says. "So it really helps out for getting through something like this."

That support will also hopefully help them get through the rest of the holiday season.

“We've got the friends and the family around us and the community obviously that we'll be able to make it through but it's an interesting experience,” he says. “It’s a trying thing to go through.”

According to Virginia Beach mayor, Will Sessoms, on Tuesday state officials will know if Virginia and its residents will be eligible for federal financial flood assistance.