Going to the grocery store can feel like you're just taking your whole paycheck and throwing it away into the cart.

The German grocery chain Lidl aims to help, opening their first U.S. stores on Thursday, including two in Hampton Roads.

Grocery Store Wars: Supermarkets flood into Hampton Roads

Lidl says customers can expect quality goods at up to 50 percent less than other supermarkets in the United States. But are the deals really better?

Let's compare their prices to Aldi, another German-based discount grocery store chain. Our sister station WFMY in Greensboro, NC took three items from different food groups and compared the prices.

First up, Grape Tomatoes. Both stores had the same exact price: $1.89 The differences started with the Croissants. At Lidl they were 39 cents a-piece. And at Aldi they're 42 cents a-piece, and you'd have to buy them six at a time.

The biggest difference was the chicken breast! Lidl was $1.29 per pound. Aldi: $2.29 per pound. Lidl does seem to be cheaper on some stuff.

The Hampton Lidl location is at 2000 W. Mercury Boulevard, while the Virginia Beach location is at 6196 Providence Road. More Lidl stores are expected to open across the area in the coming months.