VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC)- The extremely hot and humid temperatures are attracting beach goers and vacationers to the oceanfront. Many spent the day cooling off at the pool or ocean.

But what about people who work outside all day?

Will Hart is just one of those workers. He spends eight hours a day working at Flamingo Joe's, a stand at the boardwalk.

"Get your delicious fresh squeezed lemonade," he screamed to people.

He said he loves his job, because it gives him the opportunity to meet new people, but the weather can be brutal.

"If you're not hydrating, you're deflating," Hart said. "You are not going to have any fun."

Hart isn't the only person working outside in the humid air. Lifeguards are keeping their eyes on the water.

"All things considered, the heat is the least of your worries when you are guarding," explained Erin McCelland.

She says hydrating is key to staying alert and awake.

"I have a big thing of water and I bring Gatorade with me too," she said. "I fill it up on my break because you are constantly drinking water."

McCelland has been a lifeguard for six years and knows how to stay cool.

"Staying under the umbrella, trying to stay out of the sun as much as I can," McCelland said.

Hart does the same thing. He said if he didn't have some shade and lemonade, it would make for a long day.

Hart explained, "If I don't hydrate, I start to miss things. I will start to miscount things."

Hart and McClelland both agree love their jobs and love keeping everyone safe and happy.

McCelland said, "It's really satisfying when people thank you and are appreciative of your help."