VIRGINIA BEACH, Virginia (WVEC) -- It was a busy Monday night at the Virginia Beach Eye Center on North Great Neck Road.

Eye surgeon Samuel Garrett and staff members made their rounds after business hours to see some 40-homeless patients from the Judeo-Christian Center.

"That's what I do, God blessed me with this gift to take care of people," said Dr. Garrett.

The ophthalmologist said his faith inspires him to help.

"One of the things that Jesus told us when you take care of the poor you take care of the homeless or you take care of the widows, the orphans, the prisoners you're actually doing that for him," said the surgeon.

Todd Walker is the executive director of the Judeo-Christian Outreach Center and he said getting his clients free eye check-ups helps empower them.

One of the things that slip when you're out on the streets and homeless is your healthcare.

"I've met homeless people in the past who have created a barrier of fear to fill out an employment application or a housing application because they couldn't see the application," stated Walker.

Edward Gore was one of the patients who took advantage of the free eye exams.

Gore said for the last four months his vision for seeing things up close has been diminishing and he was concerned because he details vehicles for a living.

"You know I'm missing things I shouldn't be missing. If my eyes ain't right then I can't do the customers cars right and that wouldn't be fair to them. It helps with knowing there are people out there still caring to help other people," said Gore.