NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- It's a movement that's gaining national attention: "Day Without Immigrants".

It started in Washington D.C., but word has spread about it.

On Thursday, some restaurants will shut their doors to protest President Donald Trump's stand on immigrants and show the importance they have in America.

Jessy's Taqueria in Norfolk is one of those restaurants. The owner, Jorge Romero, said that's all to raise awareness about immigrants and also open up discussions about something that's been controversial lately.

Every single day of the year, it's a fast-pace atmosphere at the Oceanview restaurant.

"We have been focused on being a community jewel," said Romero.

But come Thursday, he's bringing everything to a complete stop.

"It surprised everybody. Are you closing down for the first time?" Romero told 13News Now.

He said it was conversations with customers that helped him make his decision.

"I said 'Yeah we're behind it we'll be shutting down and supporting the movement,'" said Romero.

A U.S. citizen coming from a Mexican family, he admits he worries about how the President's stance on immigration could affect him.

"It's a stand, a moral stand, against the erroneous decisions that are being made," Romero said.

When he thinks of immigrants, he sees his restaurant.

"We couldn't do this if it weren't for immigrants. It'd be hard...very hard," he said.

He said those around him remind him everyday to slow down, remember his life motto, and look at this as a human discussion.

"Stand up for the weak, the helpless, and feed the hungry," he said. "We're all human before we're business owners, black white yellow purple."

Romero also owns Jessy's Taco Bistro in Ghent. That location will also be closed.

Both will reopen Friday.