NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- A Newport News business owner and an avid runner helped a man cross the finish line Monday at the Boston marathon.

Michael Leech says he helped the injured runner because he would have wanted someone to do that for him. He didn't expect the small act to get so much attention.

"I could have been running the best race of my life and I would've stopped to help somebody."

The heartwarming video was shared and liked thousands of times and was posted to the Governor of Massachusetts Charlie Baker's Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It shows five strangers, two runners and two airmen helping a man who wasn't about to give up.

"He said I want to keep going, do you want to finish and he said yes I want to finish, I can do it. So, we helped him as much as we could," Leech explained.

<p>BOSTON, MA - APRIL 17: A runner is carried across the finish line of the 121st Boston Marathon by fellow marathoners in Boston on Apr. 17, 2017. (Photo by Jessica Rinaldi/The Boston Globe via Getty Images)</p>

39-year-old Michael Leech is pictured in the bright colored shirt. He is from Newport News and believes the man was dehydrated and tired after running over 26 miles.

"It was a really hot day, and it got hot early," said Leech. "They were forecasting some tail winds and they didn't materialize."

Leech says when the runner was about the fall he caught him and the other guys jumped in to help.

"They picked him up and he was walking on his own power and a 100 meters from the finish line he couldn't walk anymore, and he was still conscious but he couldn't move his legs at all," said Leech.

As a team, they ran though that finish line and then got the runner the help he needed.

Leech wants to know how the man is doing, but hasn't been able to find him on social media. He didn't expect all the attention, but he's glad he could help the runner say he finished the Boston marathon.