VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- The earthquake in Japan has locals worried about family overseas.

Instead of thinking about the holidays, Tiffany Rogers' mind is focused on the earthquake.

"She has been working as an English teacher," said Rogers about her sister.

She said her sister has been living in Japan for nearly a decade, near Tokyo, which is south of where the earthquake hit.

"She said she felt the earthquake but that so far she's okay so that helped me feel a little bit better," said Rogers.

She said the initial news swept her away, fearful of her sister's safety, again.

"I remember the 2011 earthquake. She was over there for that as well," Rogers said.

That one brought her sister nightmares for weeks. Rogers said she also lived in Japan for many years and has a heart for the Japanese people and the country.

She said she's going to keep an eye on updates and pray that everyone makes it through.