CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A 10-year-old who captured hearts across the nation with his big heart got the surprise of a lifetime Friday.

It's typical to find Haden Edwards sitting in front of his home in an artist's version of a lemonade stand. Rather than selling the sugary drink, Haden sells his drawings for a very sweet reason.

Haden sells his drawings for $1 and saves every single penny in an attempt to bring his little brother, Max, joy.

Max, 7, has been battling a handful of difficult medical conditions including a genetic disorder called Neurofibromatosis. The defect has caused tumors to grow on Max's brain, forcing him to undergo unsuccessful brain surgery.

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With his saved money, Haden takes Max shopping. And what's their favorite thing to buy and play with? Legos.

"I just like to see Max happy," Haden says. "Spending time with him is my favorite thing to do."

When LegoLand heard Haden's story, they decided they wanted to provide a special experience for the family.

"The story made it all the way to LegoLand's Florida Resort," said LegoLand's Public Relations Executive Chloe Boehm. "It just really touched our hearts."

NBC Charlotte told Haden, Max and his family they were going to give them a tour of the studio. Little did they know, Boehm and LegoLand Social Media Manager Heather Brinckerhoff had made the trip up to Charlotte to surprise them.

Watch the sweet moment here: