VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) --- No toy can stand up to the feeling 10-year-old Brady Grese had a couple of weeks ago.

“I felt like a warm spot in my heart,” said Brady.

He was out Christmas shopping with his mom Darla in Virginia Beach when he came up with an idea to make strangers feel special.

“I’ve always said this even when he was a baby,” said Darla. “He’s an old soul.”

That old soul decided to purchase $1 poinsettias and hand them out to strangers around town.

“As I was watching him do this I thought, please let them embrace him and not make him feel uncomfortable,” said Darla. “Every person he approached was fantastic.”

“Poinsettias bring joy to people,” said Brady. “I wanted to bring joy to people and they might do good to other people, hopefully.”

Darla captured every moment and put together a slideshow of the good deed on YouTube.

“Initially I didn’t expect it to turn into anything,” she said. “Now he has 1,600 views. To Brady…it’s huge.”

And that day Brady made things even more special for his mom.

Darla lost her twin sister Kelli to suicide seven years ago.

Now old enough to understand what it means, Brady left his last poinsettia on the doorstep of Kelli’s old home.

“He is going to grow into a man who will love deeply,” said Darla. “And love individuals who aren’t lucky enough to have a lot.”