VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Analysts matched at least one DNA profile from a formerly untested rape kit from Virginia Beach to a profile in the national DNA database.

This is the latest update in the “Test the Kits” investigation 13News Now has been bringing to you for more than a year.

Attorney General Mark Herring, whose office applied for the grant that funds the testing, broke the news Wednesday in Richmond.

"There have been some hits, so to speak, in which the identity of the source has been determined," he said.

Original Report: Untested Rape Kits

In July, scientists at the Bode Lab in Northern Virginia tested rape kits that had been sitting on shelves in police departments for decades. These kits contain DNA evidence collected from rape victims.

The profiles created by Bode analysts were then sent to the Virginia Department of Forensic Science (DFS). There, officials compared the new profiles to those in CODIS, which is the national database containing DNA profiles from other cases.

A spokesman for Attorney General Mark Herring explained profiles from the kits out of Virginia Beach got hits in CODIS, meaning the new profiles matched profiles already in the system.

"We will pursue justice and make sure that these perpetrators are brought to justice," Herring added.

It's important to note, this does not mean arrests are imminent.

Next the DFS will send the profiles to the Virginia Beach Police Department. Detectives then will have to do an investigation to figure out if crimes were, in fact, committed, and if they can build a case.

We are waiting to hear from Virginia Beach Police on how many hits there were.

A spokesperson for the department said they have not yet received the results, but will begin their investigation once they do.

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