JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- It's been an ongoing issue in one James City County neighborhood.

There have been 25 water main breaks in just two months in the Saint Georges Hundred subdivision. The water has been the root of several issues neighbors have faced.

Officials say the outages are the result of aging infrastructure.

The issue in all but two of the breaks has been a corroded saddle, which is the part that connects the service line to the main.

James City Service Authority crews are now using parts made of different materials. Previously, the saddles were ductile iron. Now they use saddles made of brass, which are less likely to corrode.

Lindsey Mair has lived in the neighborhood four years. There was a water main break in front of her home Thanksgiving morning. She says it was the third break on her street since moving in.

“We saw water pooling and realized it hadn't rained in a couple days,” Mair says. “(In the front of the neighborhood) there was a huge almost sinkhole size opening in the ground and there was rushing water and we all lost water power here.”

Customers can be out of water for several hours while repairs are made if they are in the area that is affected.

Officials say there is no cause for concern.