VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Four-year-old Grayson Buchanan was honored by the Virginia Beach Fire Department on Monday for saving his aunt’s life.

Virginia Beach Engine Company 5 received a call for help around 5 p.m. on May 16. When officers arrived, they discovered a woman was suffering with seizers.

Officers discovered the 911 call was initiated by the preschooler.

“Grayson here picked up my aunt’s phone and called my neighbor who in turn came down and called 911 for Grayson,” said his mother, Jessica Buchanan. “I don’t really know if he understands how, you know, important or a big deal it was.”

The Virginia Beach Fire Department gave Buchanan a certificate as well as a personal tour of Station 5.

“We don’t know definitively if he is in fact the youngest but we certainly can say with pretty much certainty that he is among the youngest to get recognized for doing something like this,” said VBFD representative Art Kohn.

For Grayson’s mother, Jessica, the ceremony was representative of how far her son had come.

“The reason I get emotional is because Grayson was actually diagnosed with a developmental delay when he was younger because he had to have tubes put in at 18 months so he couldn’t hear,” said Buchanan.