For months, 9-year-old Luke Griffith has been waiting for this day at VFW Post 7945 in Thornton.

"I was playing around on my piano and heard a few notes that sounded good together," Luke said.

Over the summer, he started to develop this song that he says reminded him of those who fought for our country.

"The veterans sacrificed their lives for us," Luke said. "I thought making a song for them would be pretty nice."

His parents, Lauren and Jeff Griffith, encouraged him to keep working on it.

"We started talking about how Veterans Day was coming up and he said I really want to get this song perfected and ready for Veterans Day," said Lauren Griffith.

She said they put together a YouTube video to share and called local VFW posts to see if they would play it. That's when VFW Post 7935 invited Luke to play it in person during their annual Veterans Day Dinner.

"Playing it for veterans is a really cool opportunity," Luke said.

The song is called "The Price of Freedom". Luke said he wrote it as a thank you.

"After the war, you're changed, so that's kind of the price of you being free," Luke said.

Vietnam War Veteran Bill Bingham stood up and saluted Luke for the song.

"He makes up for 50 years ago when I came home and people spit on me and called me names," Bingham said. "He makes it right."

Jeff Griffith said his son has an old soul and a unique perspective on life for someone his age.

"I think that we should all kinda do our part to help people remember veterans," Jeff Griffith said.

If you want to hear the song in its entirety, click on his Youtube link here:

"I want them to know that I respect them," Luke said. "And, that I like the piano."