VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Wasserhund Brewing Company does more than just make beer and pizza.

For some who may not know, the husband-and-wife owned brewery also gives back to local charities and organizations every month, donating a portion of their sales.

A big driving force behind Wasserhund Brewing Company is the passion Aaron and Christine Holley have.

After graduating from Virginia Tech, the two went on to get their masters in engineering but, an itch to come home landed them here.

"We consider this home and the only way I think we could do that was starting our own business," said Aaron.

"Being a part of a community is always helpful, right? You get the support from the people that you've grown up with, and now they support your business," Christine told 13News Now.

The support is something that the Holley's and Wasserhund are choosing to pay back.

Allison Mercer has been on the receiving end from Wasserhund.

The non-profit she works with, "Dogs on Deployment", partners with the Holley's every year.

"It's a nice way to bring it all together and with a company like Wasserhund doing that, it's just a great way to help us take our mission a step further," said Mercer.

Their mission is to help board pets for free while owners are deployed, one of many causes Wasserhund has gotten behind.

"We definitely wouldn't be as big as we are without local community support," Mercer said.

To date, they've donated about $80,000.

"Our loan officer even said 'Are you sure you guys want to do this? I know you wrote it in your business plan'. We're basically like, profit or loss, we're going to give to charity," said Aaron, who attributes their passion to give back to their Christian faith.

The couple said they don't plan to stop this anytime soon.

13News Now asked Christine and Aaron if they saw tough times in the beginning, when they just started their business. They said it was hard when they were just opening.

"It was definitely something that we talked about again and again and sometimes it still comes up. It's like wow…it's a $4,000 check to a charity this month and we stuck to it and we still stick by it," said Christine.