VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) --- Pungo Ferry Farm is any animal’s dream.

There is 48 acres of land, and everyone’s welcome.

“We have several dogs and cats, six big horses, a goat, a sheep,” said farm owner Lucy Keith. “Normally I don’t seek out animals, they find me.”

But two weeks ago she was drawn 25 miles away to Chesapeake to get the newest member of the family.

“I know it was meant to be,” said Keith.

Several weeks ago, Margaret, a 150-pound potbelly pig, was abandoned on the side of the road near the Dismal Swamp.

“I don’t know how she survived out there for who knows how long,” said Keith.

After she was taken in by Chesapeake Animal Services a Facebook flier was posted asking if anyone knew the pig’s original owner.

No one claimed Margaret, so after waiting more than a week, as part of protocol, Lucy and her husband Bryan went to pick her up.

“Once I got her home she acted like she had been here all along,” said Keith.

Margaret was covered in ticks and needed antibiotics and pain killers after being neglected for so long.

“She’s a strong woman,” said Keith. “She’s a strong woman.”

But now it’s a new life for Margaret. She is given daily treats, mud baths, and plenty of love.

The Keiths also have another potbelly pig and two hogs for Margaret to play with.

“She’ll live out her life here,” said Keith.

After surviving in the wild, Margaret has now found paradise at Pungo Ferry Farm.