Chesapeake, Va. (WVEC) -- A local non-profit is struggling to operate after thousands of dollars in damage was caused by rains.

A little more than a week ago, non-profit group Zooography was temporarily forced to find alternate housing for its 200 animals. A recent three-day bout of torrential rains virtually wiped out their enclosure.

"I've never heard of any rain like this, ever. We've been through hurricanes and all kinds of stuff, and it's never been this bad before," said Owner, Jamie Borros.

Borros and her neighbors were quick to respond in a short amount of time in rescue efforts, but some but they later noticed the damage.

"It's basically a deck that we built under some of our enclosures and [the rain] even went up and over that and into our igloos,” said Burros. “And now we're going to have to build everything higher just so their safe."

Borros is still looking to build a perimeter fence for the animals.

Right now, the enclosure is mostly muddy. Some animals have been moved out of the home and back into safe areas outside.

The non-profit has started to raise money for repairs. Workers are hoping to build high platforms for the animals as well in the case of a future disastrous event.

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