KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WVEC) -- There have been more than 100 car break-ins in Kill Devil Hills since August. On Thursday a teenager was arrested in connection with at least 10 of them.

Skye Bland, 17, of Collington was charged with 10 counts of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle, 4 counts of larceny of a motor vehicle and 4 counts of misdemeanor larceny.

Debra Vass says it's been nerve-racking parking your car in Kill Devil Hills, not knowing if your belongings will still be there when you return.

"Especially with the holidays coming up a lot of people are going to be shopping," said Vass.

She was relieved to find out there was an arrest. “It makes me feel a little more secure coming out here in the evenings especially by myself."

Cheryl Hastie has had her car broken into six times.

"They went through all my glove compartment, they took anything that was metal out of my car that was of value to them," said Hastie.

Hastie, like many of these victims, made one huge mistake, she didn't lock her door.

"I'm trustworthy, I sometimes leave my key in the ignition you know if I’m just running into the store," said Hastie.

Don Cooper is an insurance agent, he deals with these head scratching issues every day.

"We have people call in and say they got broken into. ‘So was it broken? No my car was unlocked,’ well lock your car,” said Cooper.

What's most alarming to residents is more than 10 firearms were stolen from inside these vehicles during this rash of break-ins.

"I mean you don't know where that gun is going, in other words you got a handgun that you left in your unlocked car that's either going to be sold to who knows whoever or used for whatever and ultimately that's your handgun, that’s your responsibility,” said Rob Mielke.

Police did not confirm if Bland was in possession of any stolen handguns. He is being held on $140,000 bond. They are also investigating a friend of his in connection with the same crime.

As for the dozens of other break-ins that have taken place in Kill Devil Hills, the investigation continues.