HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WVEC) -- Amazon is looking for a place to build its second headquarters and Hampton Roads wants to be considered.

Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms said he’s working with other mayors in Hampton Roads to put together an appealing proposal to send to the online shopping giant.

“We have a lot to offer Amazon,” said Sessoms. “We’re going to make our very best effort for them to see that and hopefully down the road amazon will be coming to Virginia Beach or somewhere else in Hampton roads.”

Amazon has a few requirements for its new headquarters that will bring in more than $5 billion in capital expenditures.

#1 - it has to be within 45 minutes to an international airport.

13News Now brought up that Norfolk International Airport does not have nonstop flights to the West Coast.

“That's something you can easily get around with that much activity,” said Gov. McAuliffe. “I think any airline would want to add direct service.”

#2 – Access to mass transit

13News Now brought up the failed referendum to extend the light rail between Norfolk and Virginia Beach to Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms.

“We do have mass transit,” said Sessoms. “We can improve our mass transit and we'll do so if 50,000 new jobs come to Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads.”

#3 – Economic incentives

13News Now wanted to know what economic incentives would be included.

“What the city and the region would offer would be relatively minimal based,” said Sessoms. “That's where the state comes in.”

When 13News Now asked Gov. McAuliffe, he said he doesn’t have specifics at this point in time.

“Amazon will get it down to 10-15 cities by Dec. 31,” said Gov. McAuliffe. “Once we get down to that and we’re in that position, that's when we'll really have to work with the incentive packages.”

Mayor Sessoms said the state enlisted the help of consulting company McKinsey and Co. to create an attractive proposal for Amazon. Sessoms said the state will spend $1.2 million and Virginia Beach will spend up to $200,000 of the region’s share.

Amazon’s search extends all of North America and is expected to select a location in 2018.