OUTER BANKS, N.C. (WVEC) -- A beach replenishment project is underway in the Outer Banks. The project will span about two miles of beach in Duck, 2.7 miles of beach in Kill Devil Hills, all of Kitty Hawk and part of Southern Shores.

In Kill Devil Hills, the project is scheduled to begin later this week. As a result, equipment has been placed at the Helga Street access.

Madison Wright lives in Kill Devil Hills and said the equipment made it difficult to enjoy the beach.

“You know you got the poles, everything coming all out and the noises,” said Wright. “It’s like you're here to be at peace and you're not at peace.”

Approximately four million cubic yards of sand will be taken from the ocean and placed on the beaches of the Outer Banks. That is the equivalent of 333,333 dump trunks worth of sand.

The sand widens the shoreline, which prevents erosion and protects infrastructure from storm damage.

“It’s very necessary to protect our infrastructure,” said Planning Director Meredith Guns. “Storms do more and more damage, the oceans come closer and closer.”

Beachgoer Brett Bradshaw said he thought the project was poorly timed and wished it was done during the winter months.

“This is the first time that I've actually been sitting right on top of where it’s going on,” said Bradshaw. “But I know they do it all the time and I know it’s a good thing because the beach is washing away.”

More information and project updates can be found at the Dare city website.