VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- City leaders have nailed down an engineering firm for stormwater system improvements.

Deputy City Manager, Tom Leahy, told 13News Now this means modeling and design plans will start to be ironed out within a year.

"These are multimillion dollar efforts happening as we speak," Leahy said.

The Windsor Woods neighborhood was one of the hardest hit after Hurricane Matthew struck last October.

Now, almost a year later, homes are still vacant and "For Sale" signs pepper the neighborhood.

"It's difficult to get over that," said William Jennings, Princess Anne Plaza Civic League Flood Committee Chairman. "Especially when you wake up and see empty houses in the neighborhood where people have not been able to rebuild yet."

Friday, Jennings met with members to discuss updates. He said their main focus now is to make sure city leaders follow through with promises.

"We want to make sure that we hold the city council, the city manager, and the staff accountable for the commitment of the $300 million over the 15 years and they actually implement that and allocate the money," Jennings said.

About $100 million of allocated funds are dedicated to improving the Windsor Woods area, Leahy said.

Jennings tells 13News Now he has seen crews clearing storm drains as residents request services.

"We're happy they're doing that, but it's a due diligence on our part to make sure that continues," said Jennings.

The civic league plans to meet in September to meet with members over progress.