VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- All it took was one visit to the Virginia Beach SPCA to spark an idea inside Jedi Sanford.

The 9-year-old celebrated his birthday on Sunday and instead of asking for presents for himself, he wanted donations for the SPCA.

"I felt bad for all the animals at the shelter that didn't have homes," said Jedi.

Although the family could only adopt one cat the first time they went to the shelter, he wanted to help them all.

"He told me he wanted to donate all of his birthday, instead of making a day about him, he wanted to receive animal donations," said Jennifer Sanford, Jedi's mother.

In just a few weeks, they collected more than $1,100 worth of donations from friends, family and strangers in the community.

“I would open up my front door and there would be boxes piled high of actual animal supplies,” said Jennifer. She said, “He’s inspired so many other children to want to do this as well, and that was the goal.”

From the food, to toys, to beds, all of it was delivered to the Virginia Beach SPCA Thursday.

The Virginia Beach SPCA's communications manager, Mike Lawson said the donations will to to help the more than 4,000 animals they have there.

“It’s an extraordinary example of the impact that animals have towards human compassion,” said Mike. He said, “We were all just kind of amazed, by the act of generosity.”

"We're so proud that he made this decision and it was overwhelming the response that we got from everybody," said Jennifer.

Jedi said, "It made me feel like all of the animals out here were going to be really really happy," and he plans on donating again next year.