NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Got plans for Super Bowl Sunday? If it includes drinking, start thinking now about your ride home. Law enforcement officers plan to hit the streets all weekend to catch drunk drivers.

"A DUI will follow you, for six months to a year. That is in the best case scenario," said attorney Will Nexsen Jr.

Attorney Will Nexsen Jr. broke down the cost of getting caught drinking and driving. It's important to realize you are putting peoples lives at risk as well if you drink and drive.

Nexsen said, "Having your car towed after you get arrested, and automatic seven day suspension of your license, you are hiring lawyers, you are going to court sometimes multiple times.

His estimate is around five thousand dollars, and that isn’t including the chance of losing your job or missing a few days at work. The average cost of an Uber ride is between 10-50 dollars. For a high class hotel, the average cost is around $110-$175.

"Virginia Beach gives out more DUI tickets than anywhere in the state," said Nexsen.

The best idea is to plan your ride home ahead of time before the big game, instead of worrying last minute. There are plenty of options including a ride from a sober friend, a bus, The Tide, or a Lyft or Uber. Just remember, if you get caught driving after having a few brews, you can't reverse your decision.

"If you get convicted, you are going to be dealing with a suspended license, ignition interlock to drive under your restricted license and you are going to have to go to safety action programs,” explained Nexsen.

On Super Bowl Sunday, a few local cab companies here in Norfolk are offering free rides home to people in neighboring cities between kickoff and 2 am.

If you are interested, call 757-853-7777. When you call you need to say, “Kalfus and Nachman Safe Ride."