NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) --- The cheeseburger is taking off in Hampton Roads.

It’s the creation of a culture that’s inspiring chefs all over the region.

“I think because it is so versatile,” said Josh Gregory, Head Chef of Public House and Supper Southern Morsels in Norfolk.

“Everyone has a story of that one burger that makes them feel great,” said David Hannah, Head Chef of Stoley’s in Virginia Beach.

Gregory and Hannah are just two of many Hampton Roads chefs helping to make the region a burger destination.

“It allows us to grow, compete and collaborate,” said Hannah.

“I would say ten years ago the burger was something you put on the menu because you had to,” said Gregory. “Now places are specifically burger driven.”

Both chefs made the burger a priority on their menus, offering up quality ingredients that elevate the American staple.

Many chefs once added a burger to their menu out of necessity, now restaurants like LeGrand Kitchen and Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint in Norfolk are making a name for themselves on the sandwich alone.

But the burger boom in Tidewater can also be credited to super foodies like Jarrell Williams.

“They’re just cheeseburgers,” Williams said. “But it’s so much more than that.”

Williams, who goes by Nomarama, runs a traveling food show on youtube under the same nickname.

He saw the potential in the local food scene, and the burger specifically, and started hosting burger slider competitions for Hampton Roads chefs.

The 3rd Annual Nomarama Slider Competition will be held on February 3rd O’Connor Brewing Co. in Norfolk.

“It allows chefs to flex their muscles,” said Williams. “And it’s fun and delicious.”

And it’s also good for business.

“The more our food culture grows the better that is for everyone,” said Gregory.