VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) -- During the thick of the storm a Virginia Beach man said he called AAA for help, and was told the towing service wasn't operating in the entire state.

Somewhere along the line there was a mix-up in communication. They are answering calls for help.

In fact AAA Tidewater said they're receiving more than two hundred fifty people calling help get them out of the snow.

In Henry Kiesel's case, his car got stuck in front of his house, but the disabled man was told AAA wasn't helping anyone in Virginia.

“I was floored when they said well we're not doing anything for anybody in the entire state,” said Kiesel.

He said he's been a member for five years. The 65-year-old said he shoveled his drive-way during the day. Then, when he was trying to park at night, he got stuck in the middle of the road in front of his home.

AAA Tidewater's Fleet Operations Manager, Scott Mitchell said the people who answer the immediate calls are stationed outside of Virginia.

“Cause the screens are so full, they could've easily said we can't get to you. When really it's a six hour or seven hour wait,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said he's not sure what exactly was told to the family, but he believes them.

Kiesel told us the person who answered the phone at AAA said services in Virginia have been suspended because “the weather was too bad for even their drivers… and that was it.”

“I felt abandoned.”

AAA Tidewater said they're still extracting cars even though they weren't towing cars on Thursday night for safety reasons.

“We have experience you know multiple damages to our trucks,” said Mitchell. “It's unfortunate because we're trying to get to everybody we can.”

Kiesel said he and his family pushed and dug their car out from being stuck. He's said understands how busy they are, but he doesn't't understand Thursday night's response.

“I know the weather was bad but that's what you've got to expect people were going to call,” said Kiesel.

He said he's going to keep his AAA service for now, and he hopes there won't be another situation like this again.