Hardworking and determined: those are just a few words to describe our veterans, and those serving in the military right now.

Many of them face the same challenges that some of us face in life: bills piling up, cars breaking down, and not having anywhere to turn.

“I gotta take care of her and my grandmother, too. So it’s... it’s rough,” said Lauren McManus.

Lauren has not had it easy. “I’ve got three boys. My 5-year-old is autistic, non-verbal.”

And on top of that, she doesn’t have a reliable vehicle.

“I got this one in May, and I’ve had problems with it since then. I need brakes, rooters and tires for it,” she said. “It’s $450 a month now that I wasn’t expecting to pay.”

With a passion for helping people, Lauren served nine years in the Army Reserve. “I was a kernels driver for the majority of the time as an 88 mic. Did a little bit of medic training, but my main job was being a truck driver,” she said.

Just trying to make ends meet, Lauren said she’s going back to school for criminal justice and also to be an EMT. She also works part-time as a delivery driver for NAPA.

Lauren dreams of working for Homeland Security or FEMA one day, but until then, we wanted to make things a little bit easier.

“So, we’ve got $1,000 in free car repairs for you Cavalier Ford," 13News Now's Iisha Scott told her. "You’ve got $1,000 to help you with your expenses and you’ve got $500 in a credit card for the upcoming holidays.”

We want to say a special thank to our partners at Cavalier Ford for teaming up with us to make this happen.