NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Ashley's first job was hands-on.

She was a piano instructor at Anointed Instructions School of Music.

Ashley's first boss, Dr. Michael Simon, developed a unique concept to teach others to play in instrument... and the students say it works.

"I watched a video, and I saw how fast people progressed in [a] 6-month period," says student Janel Burrell, who is only a few weeks into the school's program.

Students also say they enjoy Dr. Simon's teaching style.

"He's gonna sit down with you, he's gonna tell you to sing it 'this' way. He's gonna tell you to play it 'this' way," says student Dominique Barnes, who is about 6 months into the school's program.

As Dr. Simon's business grew, he needed more teachers. So, in her late teen years -- and only three years after becoming a student at Anointed Instructions -- Ashley was hired.

"I can only teach but so many," says Dr. Simon. "But if I teach [Ashley] to teach, then [Ashley] can take another group, and [she] can teach them."

Anointed Instructions is still making musicians to this day. "I just want them to get their vision of music out," says Dr. Simon, "[be]cause it's been put in them. I just bring it out."

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