VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Ferry plantation house in Virginia Beach is a place known for its paranormal activity. But for many, seeing (or hearing) is believing! I got the chance to visit the house and this experience was the scariest thing I’ve ever done!

“Eleven documented spirits in the house,” said Brennan Guenzel who is one of the volunteers at Ferry Plantation House in Virginia Beach - a place with a rich history. “It started in the early 1700s with the old manor house that was built here.”

While many people come to the house for a history tour, some leave experiencing something else.

“Even during the day, they will see things and feel things. So you get a lot of that as well,” Guenzel said.

“We’ve had over 400 paranormal teams come through here and they collect little pieces of information each time they come. They capture voices on their EVPs and recorders.”

One of those paranormal teams is Southeast Virginia Paranormal Investigations.

“We’ve done numerous investigations here before, so this place, I feel, has been pretty active all the time,” said Adam Bridwell who is the lead case manager and co-lead investigator for Southeast Virginia Paranormal Investigations. And yup, they decided to bring us along.

“We decided to bring you guys along to a place that we knew would be active and you guys, if you’re not believers, would possibly turn you into believers for the night,” said Bridwell.

Cords, recorders, cameras and lights out - all for an experience that I would never forget!

If you’ve got some unexplained things happening in your home or you know someone who does, you can contact Southeast Virginia Paranormal Investigations.