VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- As kids we were taught to mind the things that go bump in the night. Told scary stories around the campfire and dressed as scary characters at Halloween. But did you know all stories have some truth to them?

The Thoroughgood House, a home that precedes the country itself, built in 1719. New renovations combined with a unique history of the past have brought about a resurrection in activity that eludes any scientific explanations.

Anne Miller from the Thoroughgood House tells us, “there has been some creepy things here. the worst I think, or the best if you like creepy stuff happened to my former boss. He was called out here in the middle of the night to a burglar alarm going off. When he got here everything was fine except for the back door…”

Anne also had some interesting experiences to say the least of her own.

She says, “I was sitting on the floor in this room packing things up, we were going to move the collection. I looked up over my shoulder towards the doorway and I saw a woman there. Normally when I’m here I lock the door. Then I looked back and there was nobody there.”

The door was locked, but she wasn’t alone!

The house in and of itself has a remarkable past, but it’s the land it sits on that goes back even farther into history. This land was once the home to the Chesapeake Indians. Chief Powhatan of a rival tribe had received a prophecy that a threat was coming from the east, he believed it was the Chesapeakes, in response, he exterminated them, right here.

Anne does tell us, “we haven’t found any bodies, I’m certain that in the greater area there is Indian remains.”