VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Many of us have heard strange noises or perhaps seen something that really isn't there. While we may chalk it up to an overactive imagination, Jessica Brown thought her home rife with supernatural activity.

"I had a lot of activity going on in that house," Brown described to us.

She said it began with strange noises - tapping sounds - which one day graduated to a strange encounter inside of her bathroom.

"What really freaked me out was I was going to take a shower, and (there was) this vomit smell right next to my head in the shower," she recollected. "Like somebody puked in the shower while I was in there showering, but no one was there besides me."

Brown said that since her children were being "freaked out," she decided to seek help from someone with experience in matters of the supernatural. She contacted a business called Spiritual Relics to perform a spiritual cleansing of her home.

Owner Dawn Link says unlike Jessica Brown, who was pretty sure there was paranormal activity in her home, many skeptics visit her store and usually utter a familiar phrase.

"It usually starts off with, 'Please don't think I'm crazy,'" Link told us. "I want them to understand that there are things on this planet that they may not understand, but be open to understanding it."

After a survey visit, she began using her tools to rid the home of the spirits that were causing disruptions.

"They were burning some sacred wood. They were laying down rose water and holy water on the windows, and they were placing stone in particular pieces of the property," Brown describes.

Link also used sage, the grayish-green plant which is burned and the smoke fanned around the home to cast away unwanted spirits, said Link.

"We'll have frankincense oil, we'll have a Bible, a cross."

Further solidifying Brown's suspicions of a paranormal activity was the footprint that was discovered under her house during the cleansing process.

"The only way to get in through that part of the house is through a crawl space."

While unusual, Brown said that she is confident the cleansing process worked, because her home has been peaceful and very quiet since.

"When we're there with the people who live there, (we) help them understand what it is that they need to do to make sure nothing comes back into the home," said Link.