Technology moves fast, and it seems like every day, there's something new popping up. Today, we’re taking a look at some new tech that allows you to reach through the screen.

Tanvis is a touchscreen product that uses "haptic feedback," which makes it feel like you're touching the material on the screen, no matter what it is.

But does it work?

Andrew Gebhart from CNET got his hands on it. He said he never truly thought he was touching anything but a screen, but he does say the technology is pretty promising.

"If you're online shopping for clothes, it would be really cool to actually feel the clothes before you make a purchase," he said.

But why stop with hands: what about feet?

Cerevo, a company out of Japan, did just that! The CEO says they designed a shoe called Taclim that makes it feel like you're walking on a virtual ground.

“[It is a] full dive into the VR world," said CEO Takuma Iwasa. "You can wear VR glasses, and the VR Taclim shoes... you can experience the Grand Canyon walking, or some other experience.”

The bad news if you want to give this a try either one of these, they’re both just prototypes. So, you’ll have to wait a little bit to do that virtual walk through the Grand Canyon.