VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- When traveling you have many options for where you rest your head at night, from affordable to luxurious boutique hotels, home rentals in the middle of your favorite city near all the hot spots, or something quick and cheap.

Here to break down our choices is Terry Flowers, travel expert with Travel Leaders in Virginia Beach.

First up: those major chain hotels, like Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Hyatt…

Terry tells us, “A major positive: they are longstanding, they do have a lot of reviews. So you can go online and look at customer reviews. But the big positive is the amenities that you get.”

Amenities are a big deal to a lot of people. They include on-site restaurants, concierge services and most importantly, room turndown service.

But if you’re on a budget trip, these state-of-the-art rooms may set you back more than you’d hope to be spending.

Terry explains, “A negative is that sometimes they can be a little bit more expensive.”

How about renting a room or an entire house from an online service like Airbnb or Homeaway? Sometimes those big hotel chains have a tough time building right in the middle of a hot area. But when you rent a residence, that issue is solved.

She says, “It can be located more around the local, so you can get more of an authentic feel for the area you are visiting.”

There is a drawback though; most times there’s no turndown service.

Next up, if you’ve traveled on a budget in Europe most likely you’ve stayed at these: hostels.

Terry says, “Hostels in Europe, they are really budget-friendly, especially for the college student.”

But, there’s one small issue if you’re into having your own space…

Terry explains, “The negative, you’re staying in a room most of the time with people you don’t know. There is no room service, so you’re not quite sure when things were changed out and you’re sharing that space with other people.”