NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Now that the snow has stopped falling, the question is what are we going to do with it all. Across Hampton Roads many residential, neighborhood roads are still covered, while sidewalks are knee deep in some spots.

Levi Johnson, and a friend, have cleared the way in and out of a dozen homes throughout Ghent over the past two days.

“Your choices are you can stay in stay warm, or be productive, so I grabbed a shovel and decided to make the most of it,” said Johnson. “Honestly you meet the greatest people you probably wouldn't meet in any other circumstance.”

Johnson says he's from the Midwest, helping out your neighbors is just a way of life.

“All my years in Indiana prepared me for this weekend,” said Johnson.

Plus, he's one of the few people living around here that has the proper equipment.

“We've been through some winters with each other,” said Johnson as he patted his shovel.

This Navy Veteran even named his shovel, which he says is normal if you're from Indiana.

“This is Lucy,” said Johnson.

Johnson said they are only asking residents to pay what they can afford.

“There are a lot of older people that can't physically do this, so by doing this you can offer to help them out, make sure they aren't snowed in,” said Johnson.

The smile on one resident's face indicated a job well done.

You guys are amazing, really amazing, thank you so much,” said Yani Llodra when she got home.

Llodra said there is no way she could have dug out on her own.

“It's huge, I would be house bound right now,” said Llodra.

Llodra was so impressed with her driveway she ended up paying the guys $200 dollars.

“It was something I didn't even ask for, she just threw it in there, and its people like that who are awesome, she was so appreciative,” said Johnson.