VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – A disabled man says he was robbed of heat, a stove and a TV after a familiar face took advantage of him.

Paul Sineth, 56, is confined to a wheelchair because of a leg condition. and he has lived in his home in the 800-block of Grosvenor Court since he was a teenager.

Now, he says he feels violated after his home was ransacked and robbed.

"They robbed me. All the paperwork is on the floor! How can I find this stuff?!" Sineth said.

"Everything was fine. Now, it looks like I'm a hoarder."

Virginia Beach police say a larceny report was filed December 27th.

Sineth says he left his home for four days around Christmas as he went to look for a new home out of state near his brother.

Before leaving, he wanted to get rid of an old fridge.

He says a man who cuts his grass and collects scrap metal offered to take it while he was gone.

On December 26th, he came back to heartbreak.

"The fridge is still there, but he pulled the stove out,” said Sineth. "Two neighbors on both sides saw him. They said 'Pete, your friend, we saw him carrying stuff out!'"

Sineth said a TV and his only space heaters were taken as well.

Police spokesperson, Linda Kuehn, said a detective is assigned to the case, but it's unclear if the accused man is a suspect.

Sineth said he just wants someone held accountable.

"I'm depressed and I'm trying to hold my head up and be strong,” said Sineth.