EDENTON, NC (WVEC) --- Look past the decay, the rusty nails and the chipped paint.

In Edenton, there's plenty of charm on the appropriately named Grace Street.

And rising above the century old Victorian homes is a church still standing proudly, barely.

“The church is old,” said resident Brenda Williams.

Williams lives right across the street from the Kadesh African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church.

It's the church her grandfather used to go to, but ever since hurricane Isabel nearly destroyed it in 2003, it's sat empty, boarded up and nearly forgotten.

“Doesn’t look so good,” said Williams.

But the community now sees an opportunity in a new federal grant. $14 million will be divvied out across the country to sacred churches in need of a makeover.

The Kadesh Church is one of the oldest in the area. That's why the National Trust for Historic Preservation prioritized its place on the grant list.

Over the next four years the community can expect to see over $250,000 poured into the church.

“If they fix it back up it’ll make me real happy,” said Williams.

Having just recently moved across the street, it's an opportunity for Williams to soon follow in the footsteps of her grandfather.