When you think of a pet, a dog or cat probably comes to mind. But for one East Texas family, a raccoon is more likely to be the family pet.

Cutting a tree for a customer one afternoon, James Henson of Flint said he came across a newborn raccoon and decided to bring him home.

“Oh he was about four inches long when we found him,” Henson said.

Having raised a raccoon the past, Henson and his family treat "Bandit the raccoon" like any other pet owners would.

However, because raccoons are wild animals, Henson says he knows that after reaching a year old the raccoon can become too aggressive.

“Oh we’ve raised one before. But he got mean. Had to let him go,” Henson said.

But at just five months old, the Henson family feeds Bandit grapes, lets him play with the kids, and even lets him sleep in the backyard tree.

Henson says he is looking forward to more months with Bandit, until they have to cut him loose.