CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) --- Mechanical engineer, Colin Skogstad has a lot to be grateful for this year.

He is the owner of the plane that made an emergency landing in Chesapeake last Saturday.

Skogstad said he was about to land at the Chesapeake Regional Airport, when his plane’s engine lost power.

“You freak out for a moment, but only just a moment, and your training kicks in… and you just do what you’ve been taught. Aviate, navigate, and communicate,” said Skogstad.

He said he’s flown in his plane, nicknamed the Juliette, more than 250 times for 9 years.

Skogstad said last Saturday, was a perfect day to fly on his trip to North Carolina and back home to Chesapeake.

This scary situation was something he’d never experienced outside of school before.

“As I was turning back to the runway, I saw somebody on the runway,” said Skogstad.

With runway space taken by another plane, and trees surrounding him, Skogstad decided to land in a field.

“It was definitely a harrowing experience.” He said, “A lot of friends giving high fives.”

He says it could’ve been much worse.

“The worse we’re going to have to do is take a hose to the wheels to get the mud off,” he said.

So, this year he feels fortunate for the field, and his instructors.

Now Skogstad said the plane was brought to a mechanic. He said they'll be thoroughly looking at the engine to see what caused the loss of power.