MATHEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- In a shallow forest off VA-198, you’ll find a large, metal storage container in Mathews County.

Inside the container is where 86-year-old Charles Ingram finds a part of his youth.

“Oh yeah, I’m excited about it,” said Ingram. “I get a little thrill out of doing this.”

The container is filled with boxes and boxes of fireworks.

For the better part of five decades, Ingram has been the man behind the County's 4th of July fireworks show.

“It’s exciting,” said Ingram’s grandson Jeremy Elliott. “He looks like a little child out here with fireworks in his hand.”

Ingram is a big part of why the show has grown. From just a few fireworks in 1963 to $15,000 worth of fireworks today. It’s funded entirely by donations.

“You have to see it to believe what we have here,” said Ingram.

Thousands of people from all over come to the small county for a night to see the sky light up along with an 86-year-old kid.

“To watch the show is something fantastic in my life,” said Ingram.

The show is scheduled for Tuesday night at Matthews County High School.