An inmate at the Burrus Correctional Training Center in Forsyth received a life-changing surprise Thursday: He'll be going home to see his baby daughter on Friday.

"Is it a mistake?" 21-year-old Curtavious Gainey wondered.

Gainey was awarded a parole certificate at a ceremony in front of the center's general population.

"I got what I wanted, you know, my freedom, and I'm just ready to go home and see my daughter," says Gainey.

He had no idea Thursday would be his final full day in prison.

Gainey says he wants to put his past mistakes behind him. He was sentenced to five years for a Wheeler County burglary in 2014.

"I was making the wrong decisions," he says of the crime. "At the time, I was blaming it on other people, but by sitting here and having time to lay down and think, I've actually found out, you know, a lot of things that happened was because of myself.

"I just want to get out there and show the world I can do better," Gainey concludes.

He will be released due to good behavior and educational success. Gainey was one of the first graduates from the prison's charter school.

Gainey was in the 12th grade at Dublin High school when he was arrested, making him believe he had no chance to get an education, until he was told he could earn his GED behind bars.

"That meant a lot to me, that's all I ever wanted, because I've been signing applications, you know, trying to get a job since the age of 15." he says. "Every job I signed an application for always told me the same thing, 'You need a high school diploma.'"

"I finally got it now, you know. I'm going to sign some applications now, see what kind of job I can get," Gainey laughs.

Gainey called his mother and left a voicemail shortly after receiving the news.

"Momma, I'm coming home. I want you to know I'll be home tomorrow," he smiled. "Hit me back."

When he gets out of prison on Friday, Gainey says his first priority is to see his 1-year-old daughter, Chyanne, and eat barbecued pigs feet.

He hopes to attend cosmetology school and become a barber.