GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) – Many in Gloucester County are concerned with the quality of their water recently.

There have been hundreds of calls in the last several days about the water being brown and having an odor.
This comes after crews replaced a water main last week.

Gloucester County Public Utilities Director James Dawson tells 13News Now, last Thursday crews replaced a section of the water main at their water treatment plant on the Beaverdam Reservoir.

The cause of the discoloration in people’s water was due to sediment in the lines which was disbursed into the water system.

Dawson says the water was not hazardous and safe to drink.

Crews spent Thursday, Friday and part of the weekend flushing the discolored water from the water system.

Dawson says water should be back to normal in Gloucester County, however some say it’s not.

Scott Green noticed last Thursday that the water in his home wasn't as clear as it should be. He says it's been an ongoing issue in the county.

“We've bought cases of water to get through the day,” Green says. “It's embarrassing and disgusting to think I have to pay for something that comes in my home and looks like that.”

Green posted a photo on social media of the water from his house, which received plenty of reaction.

“I wish public utilities would be open, be transparent and we'll be more understanding,” Green says. “I don't think they know what the problem is and how to approach it.”

Dawson says if customers are still experiencing discolored water, call their customer service number at 804-693-1230.