GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) – The water worries continue to grow in Gloucester County.

People living across the county recently got a notice about high levels of disinfectants in their water, and some people even say their tap water is brown.

According to public utilities officials, the high chemical levels could pose a few health risks.

Officials say some people who drink the water over many years could experience problems with their liver and kidneys, or even worse, have an increased risk of getting cancer.

However, public utilities officials say the water is safe to drink. In fact, they say this is not an emergency.

Bridget Bauske has lived in Gloucester almost 17 years. She says there's a bit of uneasiness when it comes to the water.

“It is a very big concern,” Bauske says. “We've always used Brita as our drinking water but now we put it in our frying pans or anything we cook with when we give it to our dogs.”

The notice comes a few months after several residents complained about the water being brown or having an odor.

Public utilities officials are working on improvements, including changing how they treat the water.

Bauske, like many others, wants to see those improvements, sooner rather than later.

“Gloucester should talk with other counties to see what they're doing to improve their water,” Bauske says. “Maybe take a look at what kinds of advancements in science have been done to help with our problem.”