NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Schaefer LaBrie, a senior at Granby High School, earned the highest possible ACT score of 36. La Brie said he found out about his score when got a phone call from his mother. He was working at his summer landscaping job.

“She said I have this envelope here from ACT do you want me to open it or do you want to wait to come home. I said go ahead open it. In my head for a moment I was kind of thinking and saying to myself I don’t know if ACT usually sends test scores in an envelope,” said LaBrie.

LaBrie said he then started to think something was up.

“My mom’s on the phone and I can kind of hear her open it and she kind of goes, Oh My Goodness, Oh my goodness. I’m like what come on, what’s going on. Can you can you tell me what the letter says. She said Schaefer, you got a 36."

The ACT consists of tests in English, mathematics, reading and science, each scored on a scale of 1–36. On average, less than one-tenth of 1 percent of students who take the ACT earn a top score. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2016, only 2,235 out of nearly 2.1 million graduates who took the ACT earned a score of 36. A student's score is the average of the four test scores.

LaBrie said he had a feeling he did well on the test and preferred it over the SAT’s.

“I just kind of felt like I’d done well but I never would have guessed that I done that well. I’ve always been pretty good at taking standardized test. With this one being a shorter amount of time to do it but not necessarily easier questions but not so complex questions,” said LaBrie

LaBrie has been on the Granby Varsity Football Team since his 9th grade. He is also a student council member and lead delegate in Model U.N. (United Nations). Additionally, he played on Maury High School's Varsity lacrosse team. Outside of school he works full time with a local landscaping company and also helps take care of his grandmother.

LaBrie said he’s considering several colleges like Virginia Tech and the University of Texas but is still in the selection process. ACT test scores are accepted by all major U.S. colleges. A score of 36 gives colleges evidence of student’s college readiness.