The Beaumont grandmother who assisted in what police say was a staged kidnapping posted a 1,000 dollar bond out of Jefferson county jail. Her daughter, 25 year-old Tiffany Hawkins bonded out of jail Thursday evening with a bond set for 1,000 dollars but also has to pay a 400 dollar fine.

"Truly I apologize for putting my baby in at the end of the day I'm going to take responsibility," said Hawkins.

Tiffany Shanta Hawkins, 25, and Brandy Shantha Springer, 38, both of Beaumont, were charged Wednesday with filing a false report after admitting to police that they staged a kidnapping with Hawkins' seven year-old daughter last week according to a release from the Beaumont Police Department.

"There is absolutely no reason to ever do something like this," said Officer Carol Riley with the Beaumont Police Department.

Police say that on Thursday, February 2, 2017, the women staged the kidnapping by taking photos of Hawkins and her daughter bound with duct tape and then locking the mother and daughter in the trunk of a car.

The duo then reported the 'kidnapping' to Beaumont Police causing numerous officers, dispatchers and others to conduct a lengthy search before Hawkins and her daughter were found on Potter Street in Beaumont the release said.

Beaumont Police detectives interviewed everyone who was involved and found evidence that the kidnapping was staged according to the release.

Police say the women staged the incident and sent the photos to Hawkins' boyfriend in an attempt to explain missing money.

"No matter what kind of bind you are in or whatever web you are weaving, never pull officers off the street," said Officer Riley.

Hawkins released a handwritten statement to the media apologizing to police and the community for her role in the incident.

"I can assure you that this will not be a repeat incident. I know I let down the people who put faith in me and will do everything and anything to learn from this and gain back trust," Hawkins said in the statement.

Tiffany Hawkins released a statemernt apologizing to police and the community after staging a kidnapping with her seven year-old daughter.

Detectives informed child protective services of the incident and told them that Hawkins had involved her daughter in the incident police said. Child protective services is investigating the case but has not removed the child.