VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – What started out as a conversation in a living room is now a growing grassroots effort to keep Virginia Beach school leaders accountable.

A group of concerned parents came together and formed "Virginia Beach SPARK."

It stands for Supporting and promoting Accountability, Responsibility and Knowledge.

“We just felt like there was power in numbers,” said Michelle McSweeney, VB SPARK President.

The group has made its goal holding school leaders accountable on issues such as grading and discipline policies, also fiscal responsibility.

McSweeney said it started after her daughter brought home a disturbing assignment from school.

“It was a lot of inappropriate social questions," said McSweeney.

It prompted her to do more research and she became concerned with a recent change in grading policies.

"They're not putting a lot of emphasis on homework,” said McSweeney. "Some classes aren't giving a grade beyond a 50."

Victoria Manning, who has been outspoken on the grading policies told 13News Now she thinks the group is a step in the right direction for change.

"I'm still not pleased with the grading practices as they are,” said Manning. “I've shared that at board meetings. I've shared that with the Superintendent and I would welcome the community to get involved in those topics."

McSweeney says at the end of the day, she just wants parents to be more informed.

"We want to become an information source by becoming a go to place where people can go and learn what's going on in our school," McSweeney said.

The 30-member group has already attended tax and tea party meetings in the city.

If anyone is interested in joining, an interest meeting will be held on Nov. 15 at Chick’s Oyster Bar at 5pm.