NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- During this blizzard warning, hundreds of people are hitting the grocery stores.

In Norfolk, the parking lots are packed and food is flying off the shelves.

"Everybody's trying to get so much stuff before they get snowed in. That's why half of the bread, gone," said Tanija Futrell.

For many students in Virginia, like Futrell, the snow storm means a break from class.

That means parents like Christina Bramble are stocking up on food for the extra days their kids are home.

Bramble said the crowds are reacting the same as they do during hurricane season. "Check it all out and see the crazy people that are out shopping, and I'm try to be one of them," said Bramble.

Regardless of the snow fall predictions, many at the grocery stores say they're not worried about the weather.

"I'm prepared….I think," said Norfolk resident Ruth Simpson.

"I guess it depends on how long you've been in this town. If you've been here forever then, not really,” said Norfolk native, Michael Collier.

In this potential storm of the century, for Virginia some even said they are excited for the snow.