NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Newport News Police Chief Richard Myers sat down with Hampton Police Chief Terry Sult Tuesday to discuss recent violence in their cities.

Several shootings, many of them deadly, took place in Hampton and Newport News within the past 10 days.

"Most guns used in these violent crimes (homicides) are stolen guns," said Myers.

Sult pointed out that there is no quick fix to the issue of gun violence.

"Our kids need positive mentors and long-term programs to help prevent them from committing violent crime," stated Sult.

He pointed out: "Arrest is a short-term solution. The community has to get engaged and not accept gun violence."

The chiefs talked about the need for people to work with police, trusting them as well as the need for officers to reciprocated the trust.

Sult and Myers were clear about their officers' commitment to the effort.

"We are working with our local, state, and federal partners to help end gun violence," explained Sult.

"Our gun task forces will target specific people in specific areas to help hold those committing gun violence accountable," said Myers who pointed out the need for one important resource that neither his department nor the Hampton Police Division has.

"Hampton and Newport News submit the most gun evidence across the state," Myers stated. "We need our own equipment to help us quickly track offenders."

The two also touched upon the importance of building relationships with young people in both cities, making sure mentoring opportunities are available, and making sure that the public takes available of resources that the city governments offer.