HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- Recycling just got a little easier for Hampton residents.

Families are now able to recycle most types of plastic containers, allowing more to go into recycling bins instead of the trash can.

Plastic bags and plastic wrap still cannot be recycled, but any type of rigid plastic can be recycled.

Last year, milk cartons, juice boxes and other waxed cardboard were added to the list.

Any resident can purchase another recycling bin for $70, with not additional fees for bi-weekly collections.

Drop-off recycling sites are also available at Gosnold's Hope Park, Briarfield Park, and the city's yard waste recycling site.

Here is a list of things that can and cannot be recylced.

  • Metal: Steel food and beverage cans, aluminum cans, pie pans, foil
  • Glass: All colors of bottles and jars (NO light bulbs, windows, large sheets of glass)
  • Cardboard: Single-ply, corrugated, waxed, egg cartons, clean pizza boxes
  • Paper: Mail, newspapers and ads, magazines, office paper, brown paper bags, phone books
  • Plastics: Soda bottles, milk jugs, detergent containers, plastics labeled #1 and higher, plastic lids (BUT not on bottles; must be loose)

NO plastic bags, needles, food, diapers, Styrofoam, and yard waste.

For more information residents can call 311 or (757) 727-8311.